Thursday, November 23, 2006

Spider-Man Director To Take On The Hobbit?

It seems that the rumor mill has been in overdrive today with talk that New Line has supposedly offered Spider-Man director Sam Raimi the chance to direct the upcoming adaptaion of The Hobbit. Now I've never been one to put much stock in such unsubstantiated reports, but I'm finding myself hoping that this one turns out to be true.

The story of The Hobbit had a much more light-hearted feel to it than it's successor The Lord of the Rings, and in my opinion Raimi would be the perfect man for the job. The real question in my mind is this: After investing so much time and effort in 3 blockbuster Spider-Man films, will he really want to jump straight into the director's chair for another major big-budget production?

If you ask me, the guy deserves a break. I'm keeping my fingers crossed nevertheless.

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