Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

Or can you?

The BBC scores points with me again with this piece on the world's tallest man saving the lives of 2 Dolphins at a Fushtin aquarium. It seems they swallowed some plastic shards and the only way to extract them was to have Bao Xishun (a Mongolian herdsman), reach in and pull them out. He happens to be Guiness' "Tallest Living Man" at 2.36m (or 7ft 8.95in).

This may be the closest to comic books that real life gets. You have a noticeably extraordinary person, who uses what makes him unique to save the life of something else. Be it human, animal, or scantily clad, purple skinned, alien whore-maiden . It doesn't really matter.

Sounds like the core of every superhero story I ever read. It probably won't be enough to save us from Batman, but it's inspiring nonetheless.

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