Sunday, December 10, 2006

Accidents Happen

I figured it was about time I shared another photo.

I was out on the front porch with my lady one night, pointing my camera at her and threatening to take unflattering pictures. I had no real intention of pressing the shutter release. I had no flash and the ambient lighting was pretty much nonexistent. I goofed and snapped a shot anyway.

I had the aperture open as wide as it could go, but the shutter speed was still completely unreasonable for a handheld shot. I was surprised as hell that anything was even recognizable when I got the roll developed, and frankly I've become rather fond of this picture.

It's still one of my favourites. It isn't brilliant, or even original, but it serves to remind me that sometimes mistakes can be quite rewarding.

1 comment:

Cherry said...

I really like this photograph. It has a 1940's movie star air about it. You can tell that the subject is very comfortable with the photographer.