Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bruce Wayne: Russian Secret Service

So I'm browsing through headlines today when I come across this article from BBC News. It's a report on former KGB operatives attaining positions of authority in the Putin administration in Russia. I figured it was worth a look. There's been very little Russian intrigue in the news since the end of the Cold War. I kinda miss it.

But that's not what brings me before you today. Accompanying the article was this photo:

It's a picture of President Putin touring a new FSB headquarters in Moscow. Notice anything oddly familiar about the symbol on the floor?

Now all I'm saying is, if the implied Russian threat from the associated BBC article means anything, the West is totally in for a major ass kicking this time around. They have Batman working for them. What have we got? Keanu Reeves? I'm sorry, but "There is no Batarang" is not gonna stop the thing from slicing your face in half douchebag.

I'm thinking Rumsfeld picked the perfect time to resign. In fact it just might be the reason. I have no trouble imagining him seeing this, saying "fuck that", and just walking out of his office.

UPDATE: Sean from Film Junk sent me this link showing a more deatiled view of the logo on the floor.


Richard Brunton said...

That is so cool. You'd almost have to think it was photoshopped, but not from the BBC. That's fantastic!

TheHMC said...

This makes total sense. If Bush is a criminal for starting an illegal war, then who do you send after a criminal.

Fucking Batman. That's who.

If I was Russia, I'd paint that symbol on every piece of heavy artillery they have.

Simone said...

They have Batman working for them. What have we got? Keanu Reeves?


Thanks for making me laugh this evening!

doug said...

holy shit! That rules!