Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo Update

Got a few to share with you this time, so this might end up being a long post.

I've been trying my best despite the crappy winter weather and long hours at my day job to keep getting photos whenever possible. I just upgraded to a Nikon D80, so I definitely need to keep active just to get familiar with my new toy. It's rough though. I've only been in Toronto for 2 months so my contacts are few at best. I'd really like to start earning money this way soon, but I guess I'll just have to be patient.

Jess has been keeping me fairly busy though. She's been picking up the odd volunteer makeup job for student films and such, and of course her school has never had a problem with me hanging around catching snapshots for their student's portfolios.

Which brings us to some recent pics:

I accompanied Jess to a boxing club by the name of Sully's for a job she picked up on a student film. All she had to do was bloody and bruise a few actors so it turned out to be fairly simple and short. This one is a wide angle of the club's interior. I know it sounds cliche, but it really did remind me of something out of Rocky.

This is one of Jess at work. She started at the makeup station and added some light bruising and a couple of small cuts, then moved into the ring to gradually intensify the injuries between takes as the scene progressed.

This is one of the actors "warming up" on a heavy bag while the lighting and cameras were being assembled and positioned. He was playing the part of a boxer with a nasty habit of killing his opponents in the ring. He was a great guy. I caught him on camera once or twice hamming it up by standing on the ropes in the corner of the ring striking victory poses and calling for applause. It was totally Hulk Hogan.

The next three are from another visit to the School of Makeup Art. Tagging along with Jess to school is always fun, even if it smells nasty on occasion. I've learned not to volunteer as her guinea pig anymore though. I always seem to end up spending days nursing minor injuries or picking gunk out of my beard.

This is a set of fangs Jess is making for herself. I don't think I'll ever understand her fascination with vampires. I'm more of a zombie guy myself. I guess I just find the loss of free will scarier than the loss of my soul. I sold it years ago anyway. I'll let you guess what I got in return. (hint: it rhymes with "mock and bowl")

Jess showing off a tray of pre-fabricated bullet wounds. This will eventually become a template for mass producing gelatin applications. If you ask me, they totally looked like meteor craters. This board could double as a miniature moon set piece. Houston, the Eagle has landed.

This one is of a creepy looking fetal alien in what looks like a jar of piss. I assume it's supposed to be formaldehyde, but let's face facts. It looks like piss. It's amazing what one can discover when one gets to snooping in a special effects makeup school.

Well that's it for now. I've been gradually working my way into some interesting projects, so I'll be sure to keep updating as often as I can.


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